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List of Publications
Title Impact of precursor purity on optical properties and radiation detection of CsI:Tl scintillators
Authors Phannee Saengkaew, Sakuntam Sanorpim, Manit Jitpukdee, Kulthawat Cheewajaroen, Chadet Yenchai,Decho Thong-aram, Visittapong Yordsri, Chanchana Thanachayanont, Noppadon Nuntawong
Journal Applied Physics A
Volume/Page 122:729
Date Jul 2016

Title Environmentally-friendly RF plasma treatment of Thai silk fabrics with chitosan for antibacterial property
Authors W. Wongjaikham, D. Wongsawaeng, and N. Somboon
Journal KMUTNB Int J. Appl Sci Technol
Volume/Page Volume 9 pp.91-98
Date 2016

Title Optimizing laboratory-based radon flux measurements for sediments
Authors Supitcha Chanyothaa,Chutima Kranroda, Rawiwan Kritsananuwata, Derek Lane-Smith, William C. Burnett,
Journal Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Volume/Page Volume 158-159 pp. 47-55
Date Jul 2016

Title Void penetration length from air injection through a downward large diameter submerged pipe in water pool
Authors Somboon Rassame, Takashi Hibiki, Mamoru Ishii
Journal Annals of Nuclear Energy
Volume/Page Volume 94 pp. 832–840
Date May 2016

Title Superabsorbent materials from grafting of acrylic acid onto Thai agricultural residues by gamma irradiation
Authors Doonyapong Wongsawaeng and Chayanit Jumpee
Journal Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
Date Article in press 2016

Title Investigation and Improvement of Film Radiography Speed for Non-Destructive Inspection of Industrial Specimens
Authors เฉลิมพงษ์ โพธิ์ลี้, นเรศร์ จันทน์ขาว และ สมยศ ศรีสถิตย์
Journal Science and Technology RMUTT Journal
Volume/Page Volume : 2 No.2 pp. 59-73
Date Jan 2016

Title Determination of radon in natural gas pipelines
Authors Chanyotha, S. , Kranrod, C., Pengvanich, P., Sriploy, P.
Journal Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Volume/Page Volume 307 pp. 2095-2099
Date March 2016

Title Determination of Purity and Thickness of Gold Leaves in Booklet using Nondestructive X-Ray Transmission Techique
Authors Siriluck Satra, Somboon Rassame, Chadet Yenchai
Journal Kasem Bundit Engineering Journal
Volume/Page Volume : 2 pp. 103-113
Date Jan 2016

Title Evaluation of equivalent dose from neutrons and activation products from a 15-MV X-ray LINAC
Authors Israngkul-Na-Ayuthaya, Isra; Suriyapee, Sivalee; Pengvanich, Phongpheath
Journal Journal of Radiation Research
Volume/Page Volume: 56   Issue: 6   pp: 919-926
Date Nov 2015

Title Novel modular natural circulation BWR design and safety evaluation
Authors Ishii, M  ; Shi, SB  ; Yang, WS  ; Wu, ZY ; Rassame, S; Liu, Y
Journal Annals of Nuclear Energy
Volume/Page Volume: 85 pp: 220-227
Date Nov 2015
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